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Parallax Productions is an award-winning video, multimedia, and film production company located in Boston. Our mission is to tell stories with the highest level of creativity, passion, and purpose. Whether it’s a 30-second spot or a feature-length documentary, we’re here to move your audience with exceptional storytelling.

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We cultivate your ideas, and work collaboratively to craft them into the most compelling stories imaginable.

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Imagination and innovation are at the heart of what we do. Exploring fresh ways to tell your story is standard operating procedure at Parallax.

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Our job is to develop your story. To bring it to life. To inspire and activate.

Featured Work

Solos: Smart Glasses

This epic video for SOLOS announces a groundbreaking technology for athletes who want that edge.

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This is where a cure happens.

The true story of Camryn whose sickle cell disease was cured. Narrated by her mom. Created and produced for Westchester Medical Center Health Network.

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Whistle while you work?

Whistle While You Work?

An engaged workforce can do so much more than just whistle while they work. This spot for Kronos Incorporated shows what an inspired workforce looks like when their potential is unleashed.

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Cymbal Maker To The Stars: Paul’s Story

Paul Francis, Director of R&D at Zildjian Cymbals, shares his unlikely journey from sweeping the factory floor on his first day, to becoming one of the foremost craftsmen in the world of music. When Steve Smith of Journey can vouch for your skills, you're certainly doing something right!

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Outermost Radio

Outermost Radio is an award winning feature-length documentary that takes an intimate look at a community on the tip of Cape Cod, committed to keeping their freedom of expression alive, and their non-profit community radio station on the air. Colorful characters, gorgeous scenery, and music abound.

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Moments That Matter:
Nancy’s Story

Nancy is a loving mother and a Special Olympics coach to her daughter Meghan. Her busy life was drastically interrupted when she came down with shingles. Watch Nancy’s story and learn how to spot this painful illness.

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The Distance Challenge in Zambia

We traveled to the remote Lundazi District in Zambia, where many women have to hike a marathon distance in order to give birth. Find out how Merck for Mothers is making a difference to reduce maternal mortality.

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We don’t rest on our laurels, but here they are.

  • My Wish

  • Paul Francis Found His Rhythm

  • Outermost Radio

  • 1 in One Hundred Million

  • John Schlesinger Award - 2015

    Outermost Radio

  • Communicator Awards - 2014

    Lifetime of Vaccines

  • Emmy Award - 2008

    Conversations with
    Carlos Watson

  • Remi Award - 2016

    Outermost Radio

  • Telly Award - 2016

    1 in One Hundred Million

  • 1 in One Hundred Million

  • Documentary Award Winner

    Outermost Radio

  • Spotlight Documentary Film Awards

    Outermost Radio

  • Big Apple Award - 2010

    Take Control:
    Diabetes PSA

  • Provincetown International Film Festival

    Outermost Radio

  • St. Louis International Film Festival

    Outermost Radio

  • Kansas International Film Festival - 2015

    Outermost Radio

  • Take 2 Documentary Film Festival Award - 2015

    Outermost Radio

  • International Festival of Cinema Award - 2016

    Outermost Radio

  • London International Filmmaker Festival - 2016

    Outermost Radio

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