Our Team

Alan Chebot

Alan Chebot

Director & Executive Producer

Alan founded Parallax Productions in 1988 after eight years of “boot camp” as a nationally syndicated producer for “Evening Magazine” at WBZ-TV, Boston. The recipient of numerous awards including multiple Emmys, Alan has been recognized throughout his career for excellence as a director, producer, and writer. With over 30 years of experience working on broadcast programming, documentaries, commercials, PSAs, music videos, web content and corporate videos, Alan thrives on tackling the next big challenge. He has worked on location all over the US, Africa, India, Israel, The Far East, and Europe. In the late 90’s, Alan was the creator, executive producer and director of the nationally syndicated TV series, "The Wild Wild Web". For three successful seasons, the program was acclaimed as the television guide to the Internet. Distributed by CBS/King World, "The Wild Wild Web" aired in 148 markets across the country. More recently he produced, wrote and directed the award-winning documentary, “Song for New Orleans.” Broadcast nationally and distributed internationally by Hearst Television, the feature-length film chronicles the rebirth of the New Orleans music scene immediately after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. No matter how ambitious or modest the project, Alan’s philosophy is that nothing is “off the rack” at Parallax. Surrounded by an exceptional production team, he continues to push the boundaries to deliver minty fresh creativity to his clients.

Alan has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and earned a Masters Degree in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University. When not at work, he is an avid road cyclist, jazz drummer, and skier. His favorite productions are in collaboration with his wife Terri…their sons Daniel, Jesse, and Ben. His little black dog named Bear is really cute but neurotic. Good thing he has that psych degree.

Tara Haggett

Tara Haggett

Production Manager

From multi-camera shoots featuring 100 extras and prancing horses, to bilingual documentary crews in a remote village in Botswana, no project is too complex or exotic for Tara to manage. Quick turnaround? Tight budget? No problem. Demanding celebrities? No location? Seen that movie. Need it in 4 additional languages? She has heard it all and will figure out a way to get it done. Since early 2007, Tara has worked at Parallax creating engaging and effective public awareness campaigns on various subjects including HPV, opioid addiction, breast cancer, diabetes, and cutting edge drug treatments. She wrangled celebrities nationwide for the Emmy Award-winning “Conversations with Carlos Watson” primetime series. Other Parallax highlights include the Emmy nominated “Frozen Moments” Saucony commercial, “Connect With Your Kids” PSA for the American Library Association, and a really cool spot for Hearts On Fire Diamonds featuring a world-class figure skater.

Prior to Parallax, Tara spent seven years at The Rendon Group Productions where she managed production on 19 Emmy nominated projects in the New England Region, 5 of which won in their respective categories.

After college, Tara spent four years working in Los Angeles and lived to tell about it. She worked for various media companies including The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Orion Pictures, MTV, Atlantic Records, and King World.

Tara is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she double majored in Communications Studies and English. She was a member of the Carolina track team throwing shot put and discus, so don’t get on her bad side. These days, Tara enjoys jogging, dancing, Pilates and credits her dog Nia for maintaining her sanity.

Taylor Wieluns

Taylor Wieluns

Production Coordinator

Taylor officially joined “Team Parallax “ in January 2012, after making the move back from Los Angeles. There, after spending 2005 with FOX TV, she thrived as Production Accountant for the first six seasons of CBS/ABC’s “Criminal Minds." As her sixth year there wrapped up, she knew she had the yearning and potential to do much more. Biting the bullet, she left the show to get back to the production side of life, and hit the ground running as Production Coordinator for the Race Across America’s media crew. Managing a team of 26, in 5 vehicles often 500 miles apart, while updating a global audience on the race and riders’ progress across the continent was quite the adventure. Coordinating this and all media coverage of ever-moving cyclists and their crews out of hotels, campsites, and the back of a moving van was quite the “180” from A/P processing in her cozy studio office.

Returning to LA, Taylor quickly realized that if she listened to her heart and changed careers, why not let it also lead her home…

Born and raised in a quaint lobstering village on the coast of Maine, a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, then Northeastern University as a Communications major, and ironically a former resident of our building when she worked for Scout Productions in 2004, Taylor is thrilled to be back in Boston. After some freelancing, she came to Parallax, and happily jumped right into coordinating our Hearts On Fire Diamonds’ “Evolution of Perfection” video shoot.

In her free time, you’ll probably find Taylor outdoors- hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, kayaking- all over the Northeast… and always with her sweet four-legged counterpart, Chance, by her side. An unexpected blessing in her life, he’s a true case of “Who rescued Who?” Her Peace Corps-veteran, world-travelling humanitarian parents also keep life in perspective and her biggest honor is having them as role models.

Ean Warren

Ean Warren

Editor & Videographer

City born, desert raised, Ean Warren has traveled near and far, filming in many locations before calling Massachusetts - and now Parallax - home.

At age 17, Ean joined the United States Marine Corps where he started his film career as a combat cameraman, making training videos and community service PSA's for the government. After being honorably discharged, Ean pursued his dreams, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Film from the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in sunny Ventura, California. Eight years later, after having directed, produced, and filmed his way through commercials, documentaries, and music videos, Ean picked up his west coast roots and headed east.

Having freelanced in NYC, Virginia, and now Boston, Ean has spent the last four years making a name for himself in the film industry. With previous positions in Boston with Fox 25 & NECN, Ean can proudly say he has finally found his place with Team Parallax.

Now our in-house Editor and Videographer here at Parallax Productions, Ean is accompanied by his four-legged sidekick, Mojo.