Ean Warren

Editor & Cinematographer

You want a battle tested cinematographer?
He’s your man.

When other kids in suburban Phoenix were playing with Legos, Ean was obsessed with cameras. And from the day his mom gave him his first Hi-8 camcorder, “Little Ean” started filming everything that moved. By age 17, “Big Ean” enlisted in the US Marines and Semper Fi’d his way to combat cameraman. You want a battle tested cinematographer? He’s your man.

In 2008, Ean earned his B.A. in commercial film production from California’s Brooks Institute of Photography. As Parallax’s chief editor and cinematographer, he brings a creative eye to all of our projects. When not on location or in the edit suite, Ean is out conquering hiking trails with his dog Mojo, watching 80’s flicks, barbecuing, or traveling the world with his wife. He can also make amazing balloon animals.

Ean has worked on location for Team Parallax throughout the US, Africa, and Europe, shot and edited our award winning web series “1 In 100 Million” and edited our critically acclaimed documentary feature, “Outermost Radio.”